How has the Coronavirus impacted Chilean mining?


The arrival of the COVID-19 in our country has generated great impacts in the different areas of our society, whose rates are not very encouraging. 

The unemployment rate reached 7.8% during this pandemic, while other areas such as mining have been affected from production and normal operation to complete cessation of work. 

Mining was well on its way, for in February of this year, 2020, the highest copper extraction and processing was done compared to the previous year. Something really important, since Chile is the main producer of metal in the world. 

Thanks to this extraction, the national mining activity rose 9.9% year-on-year in FebruaryThe United States has been able to recover from the recent trade war between the United States and China. 

However, the arrival of the Coronavirus and the rapid rate of advance that our country presents, has destabilized our economy, and is that a few weeks we already reached the 3,031 infected and 16 dead.

The mining companies have seen their normal functioning diminished, having to stop some works, as it did Codelco with the works in Chuquicamata underground , Inca Pit and Andean Transfer; o Teck with the Quebrada Blanca 2 suspension

This is to be expected, since the production costs have risen to the sky, after the fall of copper, which on Monday closed at $2.16 per pound. Being its worst price in the last 8 years, with a collapse close to 19%.

While some mining companies have been able to continue operating, the rapid advance of the pandemic in our country could alter that. However, those that have suspended their operations continue to work at the production level, but with fewer personnel and health safety measures to prevent infection from COVID-19.

Not counting the mandatory safety devices in mining, such as the tachograph, the use of which is implemented by law. While other devices are required by mining companies for the safety of workers, such as the fatigue and drowsiness sensorThe third eye 2 and a GPS system.