Transport: The second leading cause of death in mining

The mining accidents are the second leading cause of death according to the latest Sernageomin Mining Accident Report. 2019 being the year with the most transport deaths in recent times.

The report presents the causes of these, which were mainly caused by speeding and poor vehicle condition. It is for this reason that most mining companies demand certain safety regulations in addition to those imposed by law.


Firstly, the law 18,290 requires the transport of dangerous cargo, transport of passengers or vehicles exceeding 360 HP or 364 HP of power have a tachograph

However, some mining companies, in addition to the requirements of this law, require that every vehicle entering the site has a GPS system and with other safety devices such as a fatigue sensor and a third eye.

Secondly, it is extremely important that vehicles have this type of safety features because an accident can stop all the mining operationwhich generates losses in the millions, even if only for a few hours. 

Finally, Sernageomin reports that in the mining companies where these accidents occurred, they had to install warning areas, speed restriction and installed emergency exits every 200 meters on steep roads. 

However, some mining companies do not have these measures and it is the safety devices that prevent accidents and provide security. Avoid fatal accidents with us.