Supply Chain: Truckers' Union Calls for Government Action

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At the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, all trade has been affected, as has transport. However, they continue to operate despite the difficulties involved in the risk of contagion and the Government's measures to reduce it. 

Social distancing, mandatory, partial and cordon sanitaire quarantines are some of these preventive measures. Despite this, our country has reached a rate of infection that continues to rise and this morning it was confirmed 430 new infections with VIDOC-19 with a total of 5,546 cases

This global health crisis that our country is also experiencing, affects one of the most relevant areas for a society, the supply chain and distribution

Something that the President of Chile Transporte, Víctor Jorquera, said in a conversation with CNN about operating times and that "in the same number of hours of operation, as a result of the tremendous amount of hours we spend on health checks, we are unable to reach the break-even points"

This is generated by delays in sanitary customs, leaving less time for the truckers to operate on time and meet deliveries. For this reason, the truckers is calling for a series of measures from the government, and specifically from the Ministry of Finance.

Among its proposals propose the refund of 100% of the specific tax on fuels and the rescheduling of credits into deferred payments of 3 or 6 installments, paying only interest in these coming months.

A measure that was implemented earlier for the 2010 earthquake, in which it facilitated the payment of credits to truckers, as well as deferment of credit payments commercial, consumer, and personal mortgage loans.