How does COVID affect the transport industry?


Due to the arrival of the Coronavirus to our country, the transport industry along with the rest of the items have been affected. Especially since we are in phase 4 of the pandemic

With 1,306 confirmed cases and four deaths from VIDOC-19 our country is practicing social distancing and voluntary quarantine to prevent further spread. 

However, telework does not include people whose jobs are physical. So they need to use public transport, which is still in operation but with different security measures.

In the Metropolitan Region, Metro de Santiago continues to operate but from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. The transantiago or intercity buses continue to operate but with safety measures for their drivers, and with reduced schedules because of the curfewwhich starts at 10:00 pm until 5:00 am.


In the case of mining transport, it continues regularly up to now. 

On the other hand, the transport of dangerous cargoes or supply chains continues to operate with safeguards to move around the country. The rest of the industry such as passenger transport or road trucks have been affected given the current situation. 

In spite of all the above and in case you need it, in TravelControl you can find telematic equipment like: VDO tachographs, fatigue sensors o third eye equipment  at affordable prices in these times, and our staff is taking all the necessary steps to deal with this pandemic in an appropriate manner.