Quarantine: An effective measure?


Since the arrival of the Coronavirus in Chile, our country has faced the spread of this virus in different ways.

At first, with suggestions on personal hygiene, such as constant hand washing and use of gel soap, later on social distancing, partial quarantines, sanitary cordons, mobility restrictions, curfew, among other sanitary measures that are still in force in our country. 

Despite these, our country currently has 7,525 people infected with VIDOC-19 and 82 people who died as a result. However, the Government has not wanted to declare compulsory quarantine in the country, as is the case in other countries such as Spain, Italy, Argentina, France, Belgium, China and others.

This is because President Sebastián Piñera, stated in a interview with Channel 13  que "a total quarantine in Chile is not sustainable".

For this reason, only some communes in the country are under compulsory quarantine, while the others only have operating restrictions in places where there is a risk of crowding, such as restaurants, bars and discotheques.

However, neither compulsory quarantine has been able to stop and control people whose concern is not health or others but self interest, as happened in Las Condes when a positive man with COVID-19 threw a partyfrom which he was transferred to a sanitary hotel for insulation. 

Religious interests also do not respect quarantines, as was the case with the Pastor Soto who called for no respect and go out and preach on the street, or the case of the Pastor Ricardo Cid who led evangelical worship at La Pintana.

Despite sanitary cordons and controls by the authorities, which include arrests and millions of dollars in fines for violating quarantines, they were able to satisfy the desire of hundreds of families who traveled to the coastal area to enjoy the long weekend for Easter. 

Even by helicopter José Manuel Urenda and Cristóbal Kaufmann tried to circumvent the quarantine. 

With regard to those who do not respect sanitary measures, President Piñera declared that  "We are identifying them and we are going to sanction them to the full extent of the law".

This raises the question of how effective quarantine is if people do not respect it. 

Don't take any chances, protect your loved ones #stay home