GPS to scan your security devices

Driving long distances Failure to stop or to respect traffic laws are acts that can cause fatal road accidents.

For this reason, the use of safety features as a fatigue sensor, third eye o tachograph are fundamental for the implementation of prevention and control policies in companies.

What can be done to make these devices report information in real time?

The answer is simple! By means of a GPS system. A geolocation platform gives you the possibility of safety features installed in your vehicle go from analog-to-digitaland managed to deliver real-time reporting to your company.

fatigue and drowsiness sensor chile
third eye mining

A device GPs gives you the option to receive reports with key data on the behavior of your vehicles, style of driving y hazard events on the road.

In this way, you will receive strategic information from your security devicesThe best people to help you make the best decisions for your business. 

In the case of sleep sensors you will have access to the number of microsleep events or fatigue that your drivers have been exposed to.

Also, through a tachographIf you are a driver, you can get information about the speed your vehicles have reached.

On the other hand, the use of a third eye will help you determine the driving style of your drivers and instantly monitor behavior that your workers are having while driving.

No doubt that transforming your analog-to-digital safety devices will help you make the best decisions and strategies for your organization.