Health safety measures to avoid COVID-19 infections in mining


At the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has changed. Productive, commercial and social activity has decreased to the point of almost total cessation. Examples of this are the detention of tasks, closure of shops and mandatory quarantines with social distancing.

Chile has not been left behind and different areas have stopped, such as the hotel and mining industries. Different mining companies have stopped their work due to COVID-19 infections or because they want to prevent it. Among these we find cupriferas like Codelco or Teck.

However, some mining companies are still operating but with a smaller number of workers. To do this, strict safety measures have been imposed to protect the health of the workers and to keep the mining activity operating, since it finally gives great economic support to the country. 

Among these health safety measures are

  1. Teleworking for everyone who does not strictly need to be in the plants.
  2. Risk groups should stay at home: older adults, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, those living with people in risk groups
  3. Delivery and mandatory use of security and protection implements against Coronavirus.
  4. Taking temperatures at the beginning of the day. In some, such as the The case of the Los Bronces mining companyIn the case of COVID-19, each worker must take their temperature and fill out an online symptom form before starting the day, so that they can detect the first person infected with COVID-19 and prevent them from going to the plant. 
  5. In transport, casinos or cafeterias, workers should sit separately and without contact with each other. 
  6. Cleaning of common areas and transport vehicles. 
  7. Prohibition of meetings, crowding and maintaining distance.

With these measures, the mining companies can continue to operate without problems and without putting the health of their workers at risk.