Mobileye: The fuel-saving way

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According to several studies, it has been possible to prove that the Mobileye anti-collision device can generate savings in fuel consumption. One of the success stories is the DISH Network Corporationwhich joined its Mobileye fleet in 2016.

Although the company's main expectations were to improve the safety of their drivers, reduce accident rates and reduce vehicle maintenance time, they did not expect a drop in fuel consumption due to the good behaviour of certain drivers, who followed the guidelines of Mobileye 6 series.

This situation has been verified by the Direct Line DrivePlus surveyThe report, published in the UK in 2017, indicates that bad driving habits are not only expensive, but also have a direct impact on a company's marginal budget.

Within the survey, 319,000 trips made by 2,000 drivers over 2 months were analysed. It was possible to conclude that the best drivers spent around $700 (67%) less on fuel than the most reckless drivers.

Since fuel accounts for 21% of marginal costs in the company, this savings could be tremendously important for fleets all over the world. Even more so in our country, where you can already find your Mobileye anti-collision device on the TravelControl.

How to save fuel with Mobileye?

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Among its different tools, safety distance monitoring (HMW) is one of the most important, because it analyzes distances with other vehicles or objects on the road, warning the driver in case it becomes unsafe. 

This alert allows the driver to take preventive measures prior to a collision, about 2.5 seconds before. This allows the driver to avoid this obstacle and slow down, instead of braking, which is a huge waste of fuel.

According to the RAC FoundationIn addition, aggressive driving, such as speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration, increases fuel consumption by 37%. 

For his part, Gamma TechnologiesIn a recent study, he compared a vehicle with a short distance and one that was kept at a safe distance. The difference in fuel consumption was 3%.

In addition, as drivers gain experience in using Mobileye, they improve their driving habits, anticipating alerts and driving in a way that avoids them. 

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