Anti-sleep technology for truckers

The number of deaths in traffic accidents to date have increased by 6.47% over the previous year.

Well, until February 24th 2019 there were 278 deaths in our country. 

Whereas this year, 296 people have died because of fatal traffic accidents.

Some are caused by lack of sleep and fatigue.

These being some of the biggest enemies of drivers behind the wheel. 

They usually occur because drivers do not take the time to rest while driving. 

It is recommended to take a break every two hours of continuous driving.

However, trucks generally do not stop until 3-4 hours after the start of their journey. 

When you drive this many hours in a row, the reaction time is twice as long.

human fatigue-travelcontrol

Fatigue and sleepiness at work

The fatigue and drowsiness is usually caused by a number of situations, such as driving without a break, overworking before driving, use of medication, stress, time disorientation, difficult roads, etc. 

Commonly, truckers are the ones who suffer the most traffic accidents, since they are exposed to fatigue events constantly. 

Well, one of the recommendations made to drivers is not to eat heavy meals

However, we've all heard recommendations about trucker bites which are generally known to give abundant portions. 

However, this can be a bad habit because heavy or excessive food should not be consumed before or during driving. Since they can cause human fatigue and drowsiness.

The symptoms of human fatigue are usually loss of concentration, unconscious maneuvers, and slow reaction time, among others. 

That's why we recommend that you eat more often but with light refreshmentsIf you are a woman, take a break every two hours, stretch your legs, and walk around for a couple of minutes. 

Besides, if you're a trucker you should sleep 8 to 10 hours before an extended day of driving. 

Clearly no alcohol or drug useand be careful if you are taking any medications. 

If a long route has to be completed, it's most likely that two truckers will go rotating shifts. Especially if you drive at night

On the other hand, technology is a great ally for this type of business. 

Well, thanks to anti-sleepiness devices special for professional drivers, several accidents that could have ended in tragedy have been avoided.

One of the most effective is the Fatigue and drowsiness sensor.

This device has a built-in camera that scans in real time the characteristics of the driver, from his face and features, to his behavior even if he is wearing glasses or accessories. 

fatigue sensor chile

Fatigue alarm

By means of AI the software detects if the driver is fatigued, immediately alerts the driver with an audible alarm.

Distraction alarm

The fatigue sensor triggers an audible alarm every time the driver looks around and is distracted on the road.

Overload alarm

Warns of a maximum speed value. If the driver exceeds this speed a warning alarm is activated.

Vibration sensor

The device can be connected to a vibrating cushion (optional) which will wake up the driver in case he falls asleep.

Lens and accessory detection:

The software identifies the driver's fatigue features even with glasses or accessories.

False fatigue detection

 The drowsiness sensor detects how many times the driver closes his eyes normally or out of tiredness.

Full range detection

The device's camera scans the driver's facial features in real time and completely.

In addition, it is possible to digitize your fatigue and sleepiness sensor. For this, you only need to integrate it into a GPS system, so you can see metric reports collected by your live sensor.