Mandatory use of masks in transport


Given the high rate of contagion facing our country, which has already claimed 37 lives, the Government decreed that all persons must wear masks on public and private paid transportation. 

This new measure was announced along with the new infection figures with Coronavirus in Chile, which reaches 4,815 people with COVID-19, 37 deaths, 327 hospitalized, of these 270 are connected to mechanical ventilation and 36 of them are in critical condition. 

For this reason, every worker in the transport sector, whether public or private, and the users of these services will be obliged to wear a mask. The measure will begin to apply next Wednesday, April 8th from 05:00 am.

The Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, said in the press point, that with this measure they refer to "Metro, the trains, buses, collective transport, paid private transport of passengers, paid air and sea transport".

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While the World Health Organization initially recommended only people who are positive for COVID-19 and health care workers to wear masks, last week it said supports a more general use of masksThe use of the "C" stands for "prevention" and "safety". 

Mainly, because certain people are asymptomatic and could have Coronavirus without knowing it, being a point of risk and contagion. 

However, today he warned about the scarcity that could lead to massive useHe reiterated that the use of masks should only be for people who are infected or in contact with them.