How to prevent accidents in cargo transport?


The long hours increase the likelihood that drivers will be involved in accidents.

Spending many hours on the road can cause fatigue and drowsiness, especially if the driver consumed very heavy or excessive food before work. 

According to the Chilean Security Association (ACHS), the main causes of fatal accidents in the cargo transport sector, is driving tired and sleepy, malnutritionThe following are some of the reasons why you should not use a seat belt, use a cell phone while driving, keep your distance, use drugs and/or alcohol, not planning the route and fall into speeding. 

It is for this reason, that companies make use of different safety devices to prevent any type of accident, watching over the health of their workers, while at the same time protecting their assets. 

Tools to prevent accidents:

  1. Sleepiness/fatigue sensors: The device's integrated camera scans the driver's face in real time, alerting him in case of distraction, fatigue or sleep.
  2. Third eye: It warns the driver of dangerous situations, by means of alarms or vibrations, when there is a risk of unintentional collision or departure from the lane.
  3. Tachograph: It records events that occur in a vehicle over a given period of time, measuring the distance traveled, speed, and driving or resting times of a vehicle.
  4. GPS system: While its main function is tracking, it serves as a fleet management and control system. In addition, it allows the digitization of analog security devices, so that you can see their reports in real time.