Should a truck with more than 360 HP or 364 hp use a tachograph?


The answer to this question is yes. Day by day, hundreds of truckers drive their vehicles throughout Chile.

Since 1 April 1995 there has been a law governing the use of tachographs in cargo trucks with engines of more than 360 horsepower or horsepower in English (HP).

The problem arises when these vehicles are imported into Chile under European standards or measures such as the horsepower (CV).

To calculate the engine power of the corresponding motor vehicle, the Chilean law only establishes the HP-SAE unit. This measure creates confusion for many drivers and even for the authorities responsible for monitoring such legislation.

This is because when they inspect the trucks they are not clear about how to convert one measure into another. 

How do you convert a horsepower (HP) to a steam (C.V.)?

As we know, the law decrees the use of tachographs or other electronic device that records the speed and distance travelled by a truck with an engine of more than 360 HP.
Here's what we show you how to turn this number into horsepower.

  • 1 HP-SAE = 1.0138 HP
  • 1 HP = 0.9863 HP-SAE   

If we do the conversion, 360 x 1,0138 equals 364 C.V. Which reveals to us that these types of trucks must use a mandatory tachograph

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