What is a tacholine?

The digital tachograph o tacholine, as it is popularly known, is a digital device of obligatory use.

This name was popularized in the years 90′ with one of the first roll tachographs that came to Chile brand "Tacholink".

Its popular use led to the current association of a roll-format tachograph with the tacolin so they seem to be the same, only strictly speaking "Tacholink" is a brand of tachograph.

The tachograph is a essential instrument in the prevention of accidentsThe company is also responsible for the control of vehicles and for the correct compliance with the Chilean law

The much respected tacolin has a GPS system vital for industries such as mining, passenger and hazardous cargo transport.

In addition, it has a simple design that fits vehicles without compromising aesthetics, is easy to use, has a printer and complies with the current regulation. 


Who wears tacolin?

Many are the companies that are dedicated to the transport of passengers or products throughout our country.

Trucks, minibuses and transport with dangerous goods are some of the vehicles that should have the use of a tacolin on a mandatory basis. For example,

  • Cargo vehicles with power on the 360 HP. The brand Volvo uses tachographs for his trucks.
  • Dangerous goods vehicles
  • Passenger vehicles with 9 or more seats including the driver's seat In this case, companies such as Delphi must have a tachometer in their vehicles.
  • Intercity passenger transport service